End of Season Farm News

Update from the farm:

I’m working on putting up the sign-ups for the spring shares. We’ll be starting April 1st and keeping all of our drop locations, that much I know. We’re hammering out the details for summer, fall, and winter, as well as how much longer it will be economical to offer meat. For now, lamb and beef are still on offer for the spring.

One possibility for the coming year: David is going to try his hand at growing mushrooms. That would be an exciting addition to the already great variety we get as members.

David is looking at changing things up in the cultivation department. Don’t worry — he’ll still be chemical and pesticide free. The restaurants that steadily purchase his goods (making it possible for him to offer CSA shares, his real passion) are looking for even more stability/volume in supply. As such, David is going to move from doing the bulk of his weeding and cultivating by hand to something a little more efficient. Tractor cultivation should let him make better use of his available land and grow steadier supplies of things members love (peas, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, corn, carrots, leafy lettuces, kale, chard, cabbages, squash). Removing time consuming hand weeding should also free up more of the farm staff’s time for taking better care of the fruit, berries, and specialty crops we love so much.

I don’t expect this to impact the wide variety of items David delivers, but I think it will change how we get the produce in our boxes. Based on your feedback, David is looking at giving larger quantities of some items one week and then holding off on it for the next couple. So instead of 1-2 beets/turnips every week, we’ll see 6-8 every three weeks. We’re trying to work so that, as much as possible, ingredients arrive to you in volumes that you’d buy them for recipes. It will also mean larger quantities of some things coming ripe at once. We’re hoping to get members up to the farm for picking / pickling days, making jam together, or having a sauerkraut party when there’s simply too much cabbage.

Stay tuned for sign up information in the next week or so.


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