2015 season sign-ups are live

The 2015 season signups are live. We’ll be starting the 8 weeks of Spring on April 6th. We didn’t raise prices this year, but you can expect all the same great variety and volume. We can look forward to tasty things like strawberries, beet greens, loads of lettuce, braising greens, radishes, spinach, kale, green garlic, Chinese snow broccoli, goji berry greens, chard, kohlrabi, asparagus, parsley, choy, collards, broccoli raab, mustard, sorrel, and stored winter squash, potatoes, and onions.

Information is here:

You can sign up here:

We will transition from Spring to Summer right around the time the Farmer’s Market opens up and other farms are starting their CSA programs. Even if you’ve been with another farm for the last summer or two, please consider joining us for the salad days of spring.

The only major change to drop locations is switching the downtown drop to a member’s house (mine, actually) so that it can remain open later on drop days.

As always, if you’d like to be removed from blog subscription, just reply and I will take you off. Thank you for your support, past and present.


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