Spring 2015 Week 5 (May 5th)

Halfway through the spring shares. Things are picking up nicely. Although this winter was mild, I’m always surprised how much can get going so early in the year. Three new (for this season) items this week:

shallot scapes – the flower stalks of onion family plants, the stalk is edible but I wouldn’t eat the flower. Think of them as large and mild green onions, and use them wherever you would use those.

walnuts (from the trees on the farm property) – They look a little ugly because parts of the husks are still attached, but the walnuts inside are delicious. I think I’m going to keep the mess outside, utilize child labor, and give my daughter a 2×4 and a task on the sidewalk this evening.

sorrel (looks like skinny spinach, tastes like lemons!) – Sorrel is sometimes called lemon spinach because of the bright taste, but the sourness is more related to rhubarb. Use it quickly cooked or as part of a salad.

walnuts and scapes
walnuts and scapes

mixed salad greens
baby spinach
shallot scapes
lettuce (small head)
green asparagus
purple asparagus
carrots (mixed colors)
collard greens

extra salad greens
extra spinach
extra asparagus (green and red)
extra scapes


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