Summer 2015 Week 3 (June 30th)

No pictures tonight, I’m sorry. I worked late, used some of them immediately for dinner, and had to sort through the rest. The salad greens did NOT do well on the porch today, even in the shade. Multiple days of 100+ temps will do that to the tender little guys, but I was sad to find them all squish-tified. Let me know if you had the same problem, and I’ll pass it on to David.

We have a mix of hardy summer greens (chard, raab or rapini, and collards) — all of them are wonderful braised with a bit of garlic and tossed with pasta.

salad greens
snap peas
baby red kale
broccolini (small stems, looks like broccoli, more delicate)
broccoli raab (the hardier of the greens in the big bag), aka rape or rapini
Swiss chard (the colorful stems)
? summer squash – I found a loose one in the bottom of the box
? broccoli – I had some roaming free in the box, so I think they’re in the small

extra salad greens
summer squash
collard greens


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