Summer Week 16 (Sept. 27)


Small: romain x2, miniature romain, basil, lettuce mix, spinach, arugula, watermelon (cantaloup picarde) patty pan, zucchini, boo choi, beets, red potatoes, carrot, tomatoes


Medium add: bitter melon, flowering kale, romain, miniature romain, asian broccoli, bok choi.

Last week of Summer shares. Red Potatoes, watermelon, and basil are a welcome new addition. Bitter melon is new for mediums. Toss the cut melon with salt and let sit to reduce bitterness and try a Chinese stir fry or here are some Filipino recipes. Blanch the ornamental/flowering kale to help with bitterness. Toss some basil in with your cut watermelon. Make some pesto, which you can freeze.  I love using the romain as a lettuce wrap, here’s a vegetarian mushroom bulgogi (the marinade is amazing, I keep it on hand) or beef.


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