Spring 2017 Week 6 (May 9th)

New this week is the Chinese snow broccoli, David said the stems are the best part, so don’t discard. Here’s some good info on how to cook many greens that we have and will be getting, Chinese style.  A couple of spinach recipes I’ve tried lately are India saag and greek rice.  Here’s a recipe that’s a little more work, I just sauteed onion/shallot and spinach, tossed with leftover cooked rice, sprinkle of feta and squeeze of lemon juice. This Saag Paneer used up two bags of spinach and I used chickpeas instead of the cheese.


FullSizeRender (98)

Small: Chinese Snow broccoli (left), onion, beets, romain, spinach, honey comb, red cabbage, arugula (additional red cabbage pictured though), broccoli, swiss chard.


FullSizeRender (99)

Large Add: Collard greens, extra spinach, red leaf lettuce, extra broccoli, green cabbage.


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