Winter 2018 Week 9 (Jan 30th)


Kale, swiss chard, salad mix, baby kale, bok choy, spinach, turnip greens, leek, cilantro, broccoli, Korean Daikon, carrots, napa cabbage, brussels, fuji apples, beets, yukon gold potatoes, yellow onion.

Last box of this winter season of shares. My potatoes, leek, and kale will go into a sausage kale soup.  Blanch the mustard greens in salted water to help with bitterness to start, here’s a southern take.  I’ve turned the bok choy into a slaw, quickly stir fried with garlic and then add a bit of oyster sauce, or add to make chicken soup extra healing with some ginger and tumeric. Swiss chard as a gratin.  You can add the radish and cilantro to a cabbage or bok choy slaw.

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