Summer 2019 Week 6 (July 9th)


Beets (with greens), zucchini, cilantro, baby spinach, spinach, bok choy, asparagus, radishes, broccoli, miniature romain, cherries.

Lets use the whole beet! Here’s a recipe for beets with greens and I’ve seen other toasts where you just lay steamed/roasted beets and their sauteed greens over gorgonzola or chevre on a thick slice of toast. Or here’ is a risotto for a quick one-pan dinner. Or this savory crumble for a unique show stopper. Since it’s summer grilling the zucchini and spring onions along with your choice of protein sounds right. Use the cilantro to make a creamy dressing and/or cilantro lime rice. Turn it into a rice bowl, taco, etc.

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