About Us

Zoe’s Natural Garden is proud to be producing a bountiful selection of fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of flavor and nutrition. We also love to grow flowers, heritage grass fed Lamb and Beef, and by joining our farms together and working cooperatively, we are able to offer you a large variety of produce, meat, and cut flowers of consistently high quality as nature provided.

We have available to you a huge variety of crops which change throughout the season. Since everything we sell is locally grown from our farm, our offerings vary with the heat, rain, insects and other unforeseeable circumstances. We perform successive plantings of the most important crops for a steady supply, and when you buy directly from Zoe’s Natural Garden, you are buying directly from the farmers that grew your food. There is no middleman or hidden costs. Your food is fresher, healthier, and better tasting than anything you can get in a store, and you are supporting local, sustainable agriculture. We are small farms, and we offer you personalized service. Everything you buy from us is picked to order, meaning that your food comes right from our fields to your table. We guarantee your satisfaction with our produce.

Our flowers are a sight to behold. They are fresh from the fields, picked at the right stage to not only be the most beautiful but also the most long lasting in your home. Our flowers are better from the environment because they are locally grown without chemicals.

All of Zoe’s Natural Garden produce is grown in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture which contribute to the soil, improve the environment, and produce healthy and nutritious food. We use cover crops, beneficial insects, succession planting, crop rotations, and organic soil amendments. All of our vegetables and most of our flowers are grown from seed using an Organically Certified, compost based potting mix, and we buy organic, no GMO seed as much as is available. We never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Most of our farmland is conservation land for agricultural use only. It can never be developed.

The Meaning of “Zoe”

It’s a Greek word that was used in the Gospel of John (10:10), where Jesus said :”…..I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The Greek word for life used here is “zoe,” which means “abundant life”. Another Greek word used for life is “bios,” which is where we get the word biology from. Bios means physical life. The “zoe” life is apparently the God-given life, or abundant life, and that’s why the owner named the farm “Zoe Garden”.