Vision Statement

1. We wish to promote sustainable, organic agriculture; we are crusaders for a healthy planet. We wish to model the kind of growing that doesn’t ruin the earth, but takes care of it. .

2. We wish to promote healthy eating by growing and raising ‘heritage’ varieties of produce and animals. In the effort to grow and sell more volume (consumerism), the quality and nutritional benefits of many foods has been compromised. The full benefits of foods can only be obtained through returning to non-altered ways of growing and raising. That means starting with seed and animals that are thorough breed and doing things the long, hard way to get the best results. We all benefit from eating foods that possess their full nutrient values. [Heritage seed costs more to purchase and will only produce half the crop of synthetic produce. We do not use systemic fertilizers or pesticides (the kind that absorbs into the plants from the roots or leaves).]

3. We wish to expose people to a large, healthy variety of foods. It brings us great pleasure to turn people on to unique flavors, flavors that are outside the norm. We wish to not only expose people to variety, but to help them know how to cook and use new foods through recipes and idea sharing.

4. We wish to encourage healthy growing. If are glad to help you discover how to grow the same varieties of produce that we grow on your own. We foresee people coming to us for seed and plants to grow in their own yard.