Spring 2017 Week 3 (April 18th)

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Small: baby potatoes, collard greens, curly leaf kale, swiss chard, bok choy, carrots, salad mix, garlic, onion, shallot, turnip, spinach, red cabbage.

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Medium add: more bok choy, asparagus, more collards, more salad mix, and green cabbage.


I love to treat collard greens this way (minus the tabasco!) and here’s a vegan variation.  For anyone new, last year we learned that sprouted garlic is actually healthier than regular, eating it raw will help too. I like to grate it into vinaigrettes.


Spring 2017 Week 2 (April 11th)


Small: baby potatoes, shallot, garlic, black spanish radish, pea shoots, spinach, salad mix, green cabbage, miniature romain, curly leaf kale, turnips, parsnips, carrots.


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Medium Add: brussels sprouts, extra salad mix, red cabbage, butternut squash, extra miniature romain, beets, rutabaga, red onion.


To tame the black radish thinly slice or matchstick and toss with a teaspoon of salt and let sit for half an hour or more.  Rinse and use on salad. I’m looking forward to this roasted cabbage with mustard sauce, you could also steam the wedges.  Last week I gave the mediums an idea for the pea shoots. It seems like half the people I know are going no carb these days and our veggie boxes make eating right much easier.  I’m planning on make this soup with the kale and potatoes and using the butternut squash in chili. 

Spring 2017 Week 1 (April 4th)

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Small: Mustard greens, arugula, spinach, salad mix, swiss chard, asparagus, garlic, shallot, red onion, miniature romain, carrots, turnip, baby potatoes, and honeycomb.

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Medium add: extra salad mix, pea shoots, arugula, spinach, butternut squash.


Welcome to this first week of our Spring shares!  Lots of greens.  This soup is my go-to for spinach.  Arugula is great tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, and a little salt. Luckily a knowledgeable member helped us with how to tame mustard greens.  Potatoes, asparagus, and chard would make a fancy Easter a frittata.  Spread the honey on crackers and eat with cheese and fruit to help with the honey comb. I love to add it to these granola bites.  For those of you with mediums the pea shoots can be treated like sprouts on salads and sandwiches, I’ll try this Chinese stir fry recipe.  Happy eating this week and share anything that worked well.

Extended Winter Week 7 (March 21st)

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Daikon radish, spinach, granny smith apples, purple cabbage, carrots, miniature romain, mustard greens, swiss chard, brussels sprouts, potatoes, turnips, garlic, shallot, onion.


Just enough apples for a pie! I’ve been making this one lately. And luckily I mentioned my mustard green phobia last week, a member gave a great method that I’ve never heard.  Much like with spicy radishes, you salt the leaves (you can cut them first) and let them sit for half an hour, rinse, and squeeze as dry as possible before stir frying with garlic, chilis, ground pork and adding a little sugar and salt.

Extended Winter 2017 (March 14th)


Parsnips, shallot, garlic, onion, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, miniature romain, broccolini, daikon radish, carrot, brussels sprouts, turnip, beets, purple cabbage.

Anyone else excited for beets?  I’ll be roasting those right away and putting them on a bed of arugula and sprinkling with chevre and balsamic vinegar. May as well roast the carrots, parsnips, turnips, and brussles on the same baking sheet. Here are some turnip ideas, many of which use other veggies from our box too. I have a hard time with mustard greens, but this simple recipe looks hopeful; vinegar in the mustard can cut the bitterness of the greens.