Summer 2018 Week 13 (August 28th)



Kale (curly and lacinto), armenian cucumber, arugula, romain lettuce, cantaloupe, spring onion, Japanese eggplant, tri-color bell peppers, beets, onion, green cabbage, radishes, broccoli.

Eggplant must be growing well this year! At first when we got a couple I just added them into some Thai curry (using Thai Kitchen or Mae Ploy brand paste), but now that we’re getting a substantial amount I made baba ghanoush for the first time. Here’s a recipe for the middle eastern dip of roasted eggplant that you can serve with peppers, radishes, and cucumber to dip with. Staying on the middle eastern theme I made Mujadara: lentils and rice, my meat-loving husband couldn’t say “where’s the protein”.  It’s so simple and onions bring all the flavor. When it was done cooking I added some finely sliced greens and stirred to wilt them- great way to incorporate some of the kale.