Joining a CSA is a commitment between the farmer and the members to share the risk of weather and crop failures with the expectation that they will share in all of the benefits: bumper crops, food with integrity, and the freshest available local produce.

By joining the CSA, you are agreeing to support the farm monetarily from the start of the season and for the duration. You’re acknowledging that there are fluctuations in the volumes and variety of produce as the season ebbs and flows, that weather and pests can lead to crop failure, and that farming is an overall risky business. The farmer is agreeing to conscientiously grow your food, naturally and without chemicals, and to supply it to you regularly and in a volume and variety that gives you good value over the course of the season. The members, in recognition of their risk and support, take precedence over all other buyers. The farmer and the members will work together to keep quality up and costs down by utilizing sturdy re-usable packaging (delivery boxes, containers, and bags) and returning them to the drop locations in good condition each week.

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