Extended Winter Week 7 (March 21st)

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Daikon radish, spinach, granny smith apples, purple cabbage, carrots, miniature romain, mustard greens, swiss chard, brussels sprouts, potatoes, turnips, garlic, shallot, onion.


Just enough apples for a pie! I’ve been making this one lately. And luckily I mentioned my mustard green phobia last week, a member gave a great method that I’ve never heard. ┬áMuch like with spicy radishes, you salt the leaves (you can cut them first) and let them sit for half an hour, rinse, and squeeze as dry as possible before stir frying with garlic, chilis, ground pork and adding a little sugar and salt.

A few ideas to get the ball rolling

The Fruit Syrup
Refrigerate after opening.  Made with Zoe’s honey and berries.  This is fantastic on pancakes or scones, or on bread pudding made with day after Thanksgiving rolls / pastries (with the frozen strawberries?).  Or pour over ice cream.  Or make a reduction with white wine and… (something?  apples?)… to replace your cranberry sauce.

Apples and Rutabaga
Apparently, a four to one mix of sliced rutabaga and apples, lightly seasoned and oiled, makes for a very interesting tart.  A mix of sweet and savory, familiar and unfamiliar.

Galeux D’Eysines
This warty winter squash comes highly recommended for soups and pumpkin pies.  1 1/2 cups of cooked squash = one can of pumpkin puree.