Fuzzy Vegetables and Fruit For All

Zoe’s Garden Large Share for August 31, 2010
Above: The more oval shaped tomatoes are
 the San Marzano Tomatoes
 while the heirloom tomatoes are round,
 but different sizes and colors.
Above: The Thai basil has purple flowers,
 while the Sweet basil is all green.
Above: On the left is the Chinese Yellow Cucumber
 and on the right is the Chinese Fuzzy Melon.
Above: At the front is the Chinese Snow Broccoli,
 top right is the blue kale, top left is the cabbage.
Small Share:
Yellow Onion
White Onion

Green Zucchini
Crookneck Squash
Pattypan Squash
Zephyr Squash
White Radishes
Sweet Basil
San Luzano Tomatoes
Salad Mix (Spicy)
**Includes Frisee, Arugula and other strong flavored greens
Virginia Peaches
Chinese Yellow Cucumber

Medium Share:
All of the Small Share
Baby Bok Choy
Blue Kale
Golden Zucchini
White Pattypan Squash
Flying Saucer Pattypan Squash
Extra Squash

Large Share:
All of the Medium Share
Extra Squash, mixed varieties
Eight-Ball Zucchini
Chinese Green Beans
Chinese Snow Broccoli
Chinese Purple Eggplant
Chinese Fuzzy Melon
Thai Basil
Heirloom Tomatoes

Note: Don’t be fooled the Chinese Fuzzy Melon is not a melon, and can be prepared much like zucchini.

“Once heard that fuzzy melon is rarely found outside the Asian markets. If you do get it, try to consume it fresh and avoid storing it. The longer it is stored, the more its pleasant flavour will be lost. Before cooking, rub off the skin of the fuzzy melon with a small knive lengthway, its hairy skin is too thin to be removed by a peeler. Then cut it into slices or cubes. Because of its mild flavour, the melon is usually stir fried with meat, shrimps, ginger and shallots.”-Taste Hong Kong

Have a great week!