Summer 2018 Week 17 (Sept. 25th)


Purple cabbage, strawberries, arugula, salad mix, turnip greens, flat leaf parsley, red onion, cherry tomatoes, peppers (wax, anaheim, red), eggplant, radishes, broccoli

Such a colorful box for our last of this summer season! Quite a bit of parsley, so if you aren’t using it up all at once trim the end and put in a glass of water, a plastic bag over top helps with wilting too. It would be perfect for a couscous salad or tabouleh (recipe here) and add in arugula, tomatoes, peppers. If you have energy make sauerkraut with the purple cabbage, or this salad that also uses arugula.

Spring 2018 Week 4 (May 1st)


Cilantro, parlsey, curly leaf kale, purple kale, spinach, miniature romain, arugula, potatoes, brussels, baby turnips, purple daikon radish, beets, rutabaga, baby bok choy, asparagus, onion, shallots.

Cute, miracle asparagus today.  In the last couple of years David has actually had to move farm sites, no problem for the annual plants. But unearthing and transporting dozens of well established fruit trees, berry canes, a huge field of under ground asparagus plants were no small task.

The parsley and cilantro are just asking to be chimichurri sauce. Drizzle over a sheet pan dinner, veggie bowl, or even tacos would start with roasting veggies (potatoes, rutabaga, brussels, turnips, asparagus) and protein protein. Use the arugula as a peppery bed for sweet steamed or roasted beets or even as the base for a dressing in this salad.