Winter 2018 Week 5 (Jan. 2nd)


Miniature romain, kale, salad mix, bok choy, spinach, turnip greens, brussels, rugabaga, Korean radish, beets, acorn squash, leek, parsley and cilantro, green cabbage, onions, carrots, parsnips.

The herbs are perfect for chimichurri sauce.  The big Korean radish, half white and half green will turn into kimchi at my house, but it can also be made into slaw (this recipe uses cilantro and cabbage too), spiralized into “noodles, or roasted along with acorn squash and brussels for a simple, colorful side.

Fall 2016 Week 9 (Nov. 29)

Thank you Fall members for your support this season. I think the honey comb was a thank you treat from David for the last boxes of this season.  Go here if you’re interested in signing up for Winter boxes, December-January, starting next week.

This seasonal salad that uses two kinds of cabbage, apple, and radish looks great. My favorite use for the radishes, especially the black ones, is to julienne them, toss with salt for half and hour or more, rinse and add a vinaigrette.



Small: romain (2 standard, 2 miniature) spinach, potatoes, honey comb, daikon radish, napa cabbage, black Spanish radish, rutabaga, watermelon radish, Korean purple daikon, Asian pears, fuji apples, granny smith apple, shallot, yellow onion, broccolini.



Medium Add: broccolini, miniature romain, spinach, green cabbage.

Fall 2016 Week 7 (Nov 15th)

David included a few special items before this first frost, some beautiful cherry tomatoes for Mediums and Bianca Rose eggplants for Small shares.  I know we get lots of radishes (the watermelon and purple daikon being mildest and best raw), so most of us have experimented, but in case you haven’t, David says to cook with them like you would turnips. Roast them or braise them in stew.  Here’s a warm, colorful salad that uses radish and fennel, pretty enough for a holiday table. This salad looks like a refreshing side, using napa cabbage, bak choi, and asian pear.



Small: korean purple daikon, daikon radish, broccoli, mizuna, spinach, fennel, swiss chard, collard greens, small napa cabbage, bianca rose eggplant, spanish black radish, shallot, onion, garlic, watermelon radish, asian pears.


Medium add: spinach, baby bak choi, cherry tomatoes, extra large napa cabbage.

Fall Week 1 (October 4)


David’s Farmer’s Market stand a few weeks ago.

Hello Fall Members!  Welcome (back) to another tasty season.  Thank you for your support and we hope to help you eat more healthy and local.  This first week’s boxes were nice and full with some end of summer bounty and cooler weather veggies.  The heirloom carrots have fun names like Yellowstone, Purple Haze, and White Satin.  We all have the main ingredients for salsa and minestrone soup.  This week is the first of the radishes for fall and David usually gives us many.  I like to toss slices with salt for half an hour or so and then rinse to slightly wilt and take away their spice.  Check bagged greens for condensation and use quickly.  I’ve noticed the broccoli likes to turn yellow quickly too, so eat that in your first few days too. Kale, collards, carrots, squash, and romain will keep longer.  Grilled Romain is on my list of things to try. Mediums got so much kale (and ornamental cabbage that you treat like kale) that I should find a few more recipes. This looks like a filling main dish. And this looks great for any time of day.


Small: collard greens, radishes (black and purple plum), swiss chard, spinach or mixed greens, purple kale, romain lettuce (standard, miniature, and butter), carrots, tomatoes, beans (yellow wax and purple burgundy) broccoli, peppers (serrano, jalapeño, poblano) onions, pattypan summer squash


Medium add: curly leaf kale, flowering/ornamental cabbage (x2), arugula, romain (butter and miniature), purple kale (winter red).