Fall 2016 Week 7 (Nov 15th)

David included a few special items before this first frost, some beautiful cherry tomatoes for Mediums and Bianca Rose eggplants for Small shares.  I know we get lots of radishes (the watermelon and purple daikon being mildest and best raw), so most of us have experimented, but in case you haven’t, David says to cook with them like you would turnips. Roast them or braise them in stew.  Here’s a warm, colorful salad that uses radish and fennel, pretty enough for a holiday table. This salad looks like a refreshing side, using napa cabbage, bak choi, and asian pear.



Small: korean purple daikon, daikon radish, broccoli, mizuna, spinach, fennel, swiss chard, collard greens, small napa cabbage, bianca rose eggplant, spanish black radish, shallot, onion, garlic, watermelon radish, asian pears.


Medium add: spinach, baby bak choi, cherry tomatoes, extra large napa cabbage.


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