Sweet Summer Selections: Berries and Sweet Corn

Good Morning,

Small Share:
• Salad Mix (Spicy)
**Includes Frisee, Arugula and other strong flavored greens
• Sweet Corn (2 ears)
• Thai Basil
• Tomato
• Yellow Onion
• White Onion
• Red Marble Onion
• Chester Blackberry
• Cylindra Beet
**This is a longer beet, similar to a carrot shape.
• Green Zucchini
• Eight-Ball Zucchini
• Pattypan Squash
Medium Share:
• All of the Small Share
• Sweet Corn (6 ears total)
• Light Green Eight-Ball Zucchini
• Crookneck Squash
• Black Beauty Zucchini
• Zephyr Squash
*These squash are multi-colored yellow on top and light green on the bottom
• Shingiku Greens
• Extra Thai Basil
Large Share:
• All of the Medium Share
• Cabbage
• Amaranthus Leaf
• Baby Bok Choy
• Sweet Corn (12 ears total)
• Red Raspberries
• Extra Blackberries
• Extra of the following varieties of squash/zucchini squash
     o Papaya Squash
     o Extra Pattypan Squash
     o Yellow Eight-Ball Zucchini
     o Crookneck Squash
     o Zephyr Squash
     o Black Beauty Zucchini
     o Mediterranean Zucchini
     o Starship Pattypan Squash
• Extra Thai Basil
• Shingiku Greens

Corn: Please contact me by email if you have any critters/insects in your corn. David did not think there were insects in the majority of them, but he did not want to open everyone’s corn to find out.

Boxes: Do you forget to bring your boxes back? To prevent forgetting my boxes at home I have been bringing reusable bags to my share pick up site, and leaving the boxes there. If you ever forget to return your box, please return it the next week.

Note: If you have multiple boxes at home, please bring them to your site the next time you pick up your share.

Update: Last week there were not raspberries in the small share. I apologize for the miscommunication.

Missing Produce: Sometimes between all of the things David and I are trying to accomplish on share drop-off days our wires get crossed. I hope this happens very rarely, but if you feel like your box differs from the list I have posted, please call or text (801)557-3800 specifying your name, phone number and share pick-up site information and I’ll do my best to get it straightened out a.s.a.p.

Blog Feedback: Thank you for being members of the Zoe’s Garden CSA. Our goal is to offer this blog as a resource, and therefore we need your feedback. Please email me at produce@zoegarden.com if there are other things you would like to see on the blog, if there are too many postings coming into your email inbox, or any other suggestions.

Member Suggestion: If you have anymore apricots left one member recommends dropping them in a pot of hot water for just a few seconds, and then the skin will easily fall off. She then discards the skins and pits and mashes the rest of the apricot. You can freeze the mashed apricots, add it to yogurt and cereal, used in dressings or desserts.

This week I will be trying to create a Thai inspired dish using the Thai basil, zucchini, onions and cabbage.

From our garden to your kitchen, happy eating.


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